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Is chlorine dioxide the same as chlorine?

No, chlorine dioxide has a different atomic composition compared to chlorine.
Chlorine reacts with most organic compounds. Chlorine dioxide, on the other hand, only reacts with weaker organic compounds and is therefore not consumed quickly. This results in much lower doses of chlorine dioxide being needed to create a stable residue than is the case with chlorine.

Chlorine dioxide has a large number of advantages in comparison with Chlorine and many other disinfection techniques. These benefits arise from the unique combination of low oxidation power and high oxidation capacity. Despite the lower oxidizing power, chlorine dioxide has a better oxidizing effect than chlorine on bacteria, spores and viruses, some of which cannot be controlled by chlorine. De sporicidal and virucidal effects of chlorine dioxide are better than those of chlorine, at the same level of concentration.

Disinfection with chlorine dioxide does not cause odor nuisance like chlorine does. It destroys phenols that cause odor and taste problems in drinking water treatment.

How is chlorine dioxide used as a disinfectant?

The treatment of drinking water can be seen as the most important method of disinfection using chlorine dioxide. Thanks to the good biocidal properties of chlorine dioxide, it is now also used in other industries. Such as disinfection in wastewater treatment, industrial process water treatment, cooling tower water disinfection, industrial air treatment, mussels control, the production and treatment of food, the disinfection of food preparations, the oxidation of industrial waste and the gas sterilization of medical devices.

Can you smell chlorine dioxide?

The dosage of 0.2 ppm chlorine dioxide in the drinking water system is completely odorless. No odor will be perceptible in the drinking water.

Is chlorine dioxide visible in drinking water?

De dosering van 0,2 ppm chloordioxide in het drinkwatersysteem is geheel kleurloos. Het drinkwater zal van de Chloordioxide geen andere kleur krijgen.

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